Feel As Confident As Katy Perry

Feel As Confident As Katy Perry

The headline to a trending People magazine piece this week is “Katy Perry Feels Like a ‘Strong, Powerful Woman’ with Her Short Hair, Says Longtime Stylist.” In the online report, writer Deirdre Durkan tells of Perry’s longtime colorist Rick Henry noticing a true change in the already confident singer when she cut and colored her hair into a short pixie do. Add to this sudden change for the Perry, she and Henry also worked on adding a wide range of differenr colors—pink, purple and green—in Perry’s hair for the European jaunt of her latest tour.

Perry related to PEOPLE months ago that the change in her cut also saw her reconsider her make up schemes.

It’s not hard for a person like Katy Perry to feel confident. She has adoring fans, a gig as an American Idol judge, countless records sold. Here at Guci Image we understand all about confidence coming from one’s hair style, cut, color; mostly from what we do to help men and women replace the hair they have lost.

For men and women in Northern N.J. losing hair, the mirror becomes a bane of existence. Every side long glance, those attempts at post-showering covering-up, styling this way and that, it all becomes a slow dance with time that slowly erodes one’s confidence to the inevitable. In our Paramus hair care offices we control that inevitably, battle it back in fact, to give you back your confidence with a full head of hair.

Sure, we can all be happy for Katy Perry (or jealous, as the case may be). She has great hair that she can do lots with. You too can have great hair that you will be able to do lots with; color, cut, style to your heart’s content.

Confidence for all, we say.

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