The 3 New Hair Happenings Already Happening For New Year 2015

The 3 New Hair Happenings Already Happening For New Year 2015

Did you happen to see Kathy Griffin ring in the New Year by dyeing a section of Anderson Cooper’s famous always-well-coiffed silver hair live on network T.V.? It was temporary dye of course, all in good fun between the E! Fashion Police new host and good-natured Cooper, but it is a moment to get us wondering, what can we expect in 2015 when it comes to hair care and wear? Just because you might wear hair or are thinking of beginning a services at Guci’s Paramus office, this doesn’t mean you are not susceptible to trends and new approaches to styling and cut.

Here are the 3 new hair happenings already happening for 2015.

Waves, Long Ponys and Braids…Oh My.

Middle-part loose curls are still in, as are long ponytails of every length, with simply to complex braids as much in vogue. Of course our solid healthy Great Length Extensions are especially good for all three of these ‘undone’ styles.

The Side Part

Men sporting one of our CTR units might want to consider a side part in 2015…if they aren’t already sporting. It seems no matter a man’s age or particular style, he can avail himself of this trend that seemed to show-up quite frequently on fashion runways in fall 2014…which means we will see them on the street this year.

Chalk It Up To Color

Surely you Guci Image stylist will always advise you on what to add and when-the good, the bad, the different-but for women’s hair coloring things seem to hint back to scribbling on sidewalks. The temporary addition of hair chalk powder of various bright shades and hues can allow a quick fix when one wants to shock for the evening, or give a new few bright choices a try.

As always, whether these trends stick, flitter past by the summer or are even something any of us want remains to be seen. One thing is certain though, you can add Guci Images’ consistently expert service and hair restoration care as already happening with these 3 New Hair Happenings Already Happening For New Year 2015.



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