Ruxolitinib Regrows Hair

Ruxolitinib Regrows Hair

Ruxolitinib, a drug to treat bone marrow disease seemingly can help with Alopecia, a leading cause of hair loss (see our page about it here). Columbia University Medical Center doctors have found that the drug restored hair growth fully in three patients of a 7 women/5 men test group. Dr. David Bickers of CUMC’s Department of Dermatology calls the results “a major step forward in improving the standard of care for patients suffering from this devastating disease.” In June, tofacitnib was credited with regrowing the hair of a 25-year-old man with alopecia. So it seems there are drugs out there and strides being made with them all the time for hair growth.

In the meantime…

Non-surgical, non-medical alternatives are available here at Guci Image. We do indeed like to keep you abreast of scientific advancements, and applaud the Columbia University Medical Center and every researcher tirelessly working around the world to battle hair loss in men and women, but there are scientific breakthroughs we use in our applications and products all the time that are decidedly not of any measure that would require a drug or surgery.

All of us in the hair growth/wear hair industry look to ‘restore’ the confidence, youthful appearance and overall good hair care for our clients. We have plenty of possibilities to choose from, from CTR systems to our White Diamond Ultrasonic treatments and offer the facts of our services in free consultations (see here) and the ‘scientific’ application of same for the many men and women in the Northern New Jersey, New York area who come to us seeking solutions to their hair loss.

Whatever road you pursue in getting your hair back, restoring scalp health or adding to your thinning hair we do of course recommend the many Guci Image services but wish you well on your way for searching out all that there is out there.

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