Once again we get into a weird wacky area when in the world of wearing hair: color.

For the most part you will find the men and women who use Guci Image services-and in this case we mean the services of ‘wearing hair’-use color as another in a long line of applications and techniques to ‘blend’ Guci Image hair into one’s real hair. Highlights can be added for style, graying to make a unit ‘age’ with the wearer, a quick wash of some shade to match existing hair, all pretty much to make the hair one wears as natural looking as possible.

In the case of bold big swatches of bright shades or streaks of various colors, we need tread very carefully with color that stands-out.

When you come to wear hair you enter a silent majority (the am’t of people out there wearing hair is so numerous we need call it a ‘majority’) and as such there are some suggestions to heed. Yes, you can as much ignore these “rules” as make a few of your own, but Guci Image has been in this business a long time and what we suggest is born from experience.

Here’s a few suggestions we know you know all too well:

  • Keep to a regular schedule with your unit or service,
  • Strategize with your Guci stylist when it comes to any changes you want to make to the hair you wear

And following from the above…

  • Be very cautious when adding color.

Of course your Guci Image stylist certainly won’t let you march blindly into anything that will make you look bad. Yes, we are ever respectful to our clients and in the end the decision for any hair cut/color/style is yours. But be rest assured the man or woman working on your hair will be vociferous when they think you may be going forward with something not in your best interest.

And one of the little additions too many clients consider, ask us to make, push for is adding color to extensions or a CTR unit.

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