Is Guci Hair Real?

Is Guci Hair Real?

There are a handful of questions we are asked all the time: 

How much will this cost?

Will anybody be able to tell I am wearing hair?

Should I get hair replacement or hair restoration?

Exactly where in Paramus is Guci Image located?

And one of the most asked…Is the hair you use real?

To this last question, we can surely answer…yes.

From our Lace Wigs to our Great Lengths hair extensions, we use human hair. Our Lace Wigs are available in a wide range of races and ethnicities, using the highest quality 100% Indian Remy or European Hair available from a single donor. For our extensions, we again use 100% human hair, keeping the cuticle intact so it is all set in the same direction. This 100% virgin Remy hair is explicitly grown for Guci.

There is really only one way to make it so the hair you wear looks, acts, and appears to be your hair. From the beginnings of Guci Image, we knew that only 100% healthy hair would be undetectable as a wig, an extension or a hair replacement unit. There is no other way that we could compete in the hair replacement field, a field ripe with very reputable salons and technicians if we did not offer real hair. And it has as much been to keep and grow our business as to provide our clients with the very best that we continue to research and use the very best materials in all of our products, one of these always being ‘real’ human hair.

Let’s face it, customers coming to us to restore their confidence and youthful looks do not want to wear anything fake on their heads. They want their transition from balding/thinning to long thick locks to look and feel as natural as possible. So, to that oft-asked question of: 

Is the hair you use real? 

Here at Guci Image, we can always say yes.

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