Harried Hair Holidays Are Here

Harried Hair Holidays Are Here

Halloween happens to be a big holiday for lots of people other than just Heidi Klum (see here). But beyond candy and pumpkin carving, October 31st also marks the unofficial start of a crazy holidaze season. Most of us don’t see any relief until the New Year! Especially in the northern NJ area where Guci Image is located, the proximity to NYC and the significant retail interplay of our area (as we mentioned here) alights quite the hustle and bustle. And rolling up to holidays, hair wear customers uniquely feel that hustle and bustle. 

Once again, we face office parties and family get-togethers where we need to look our best. Time is again truncated with seasonal holidays looming. And lastly, we all know where every extra dollar goes in too much holiday shopping. Just like clients wearing a male hair unit or ladies wearing a wig or extensions need to be specifically vigilant during the summer months (sun, pool and ocean abuses, etc.) Guci Image customers are aware of all the specific challenges the holidays bring.

We advise whether new to Guci Image or a long-time customer to stay on top of scheduling your service visits. Booking well in advance is always a good idea once November rolls around. And if you’ll be needing a new CTR unit soon or anything else from us that requires ordering, it’s best to get well ahead of that right now! And if you want to incorporate new colors or cuts, best to get a few months in wearing something you usually don’t then just to spring it upon the relatives (and yourself) for the big get-together.

Before you know it, you are just putting the Halloween candy down and turning to carve the turkey. So be prepared to look as good as you always do. 

And, happy Halloween from all of us at Guci Image.

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