You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since they are not yet corrupted. That they can cut through the b.s. of life rather quickly to utter pronouncements that seem so wise. Well, the prevailing wisdom presently is that we should look to our youth-babies in fact-for our hair color. It seems there is a new trend for ‘babylights’ when it comes to hair coloring

Super model Karlie Kloss is the latest high profile lady to show-off this seeming every strand-of-hair-is-a-slightly-different-color-than-the-next look. Delicate white blonde highlights are created with very very fine color to give hair that specific  honey-colored baby shade. It’s a laborious application to be sure, a strand-by-strand process…no wonder super models can afford it.

Again, the question for Guci Image clients is: if we want color (and that’s a big if) what kind of color should we get? Do applications like babylights make sense for those of us who wear hair? In fact, should we even be considering color from some other salon other then Guci? (not generally a good idea) and should we be cautious of these new services, cuts and colors in general because we wear hair?

It’s hard not to be influenced by what a super model would wear…though none of us are super models. It’s impossible not to notice the curls, bangs, Beyoncé  sports since we see so much of her all the time. Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices fly across our computer screens, Twitter, Instagram accounts even if we don’t rightly care what the lady is wearing. What we all have to determine is how any of what we see truly matters in our life or could make our life (or look) better. And if so, how we can acquire that look, cut or fashion and if in the end we truly should given that we wear hair.

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