Mariah Carey’s Prices

Mariah Carey’s Prices

So you think a cut/color/service can cost you? The prices just released for Mariah Carey’s team of specialists who attend the diva when she steps-out are truly staggering: Stylist — $65,391/Hair stylist — $9,600/Makeup artist — $7,200/manicurist — $2,400.  It seems a disgruntled photographer suing Carey for a shoot she supposedly cancelled released these figures on the net this week and of course as information travels these days, these figures were known far and wide quite quickly.

Yes, it is all relative, but for us all, those prices are still quite a bit lofty.

No doubt about it, it does cost money for hair styling/color/cutting done right. For specialty services like Guci Image performs, the cut/color/styling/fitting of new units, ‘tack-downs,’ White Diamond treatments, the prices are certainly competitive with local N.J. saloons…but we work hard on getting your hair right. There are various Guci Image payment options available depending on what you come to us for and the frequency of your services. We try to make this aspect of your experience with us the best it can be, a necessity that we are always up front about and try to settle as painlessly as possible. But the truth of the matter is, we do charge what we feel is a fair and reasonable price for our services and our services do cost a specific amount because they are specific.

In the ‘you get what you pay for’ axiom of commerce, we are sure you could find services and systems cheaper. But those services and systems will be of a cheaper quality. This is simple logic really. We are providing you with the very first line of defense when it comes to how you present yourself to the world, why skimp on quality.

And really, if you want the best in the field, Guci Image is the best.

Let Mariah chase her dream of looking her very best-and paying for it-while Guci Image assures you of the very best you could ever dream to have.

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