Gossip @ Guci?

Gossip @ Guci?

In the wide wonderful and wacky world of new streaming shows, anything old is new again: Gossip Girl has reappeared on HBO Max in a reboot of the series. And while surely this show skews to a younger demographic than the age of most Guci Image customers, there is no doubt the new show will impact fashion and hair trends for all.

Pretty much in the same way Gossip Girl did during it initial six season run.

Way back in 2007, when Gossip Girl first aired on network television, it had such an influence on teen culture that it made headbands one of the must-wear accessories for school-aged kids. The new version of the show (where the teachers are now engaging in gossip) sees a much simpler approach to characters’ looks, mainly realized by their hairstyles. 

The show’s head of makeup, Amy Tagliamonti, seems to be leading with natural cuts and non-fuss styling. For instance, Evan Mock’s character and the one Jordan Alexander play sport buzz cuts. (Although Mock has a pink color to his locks, which is what he came to the show sporting). “Audrey Hope,” played by Emily Alyn Lind, appeared on the first episode that premiered this Thursday, in curtain bangs and tousled locks, in what is being called a “modern Bardot.” 

A more natural hairstyle, easily maintained cuts are what have always worked for our NJ hair replacement customers. The more severe the cut or more drastic the color, the more problematic it is for hair wearers, as we continue to advise (and easier for your friends and family to detect a hair unit or extension). Really, these days, as much as the characters on Gossip Girl, hair wearers, and people sporting their natural locks both, we all want to deal with less complicated, less processed hair.

A new episode of Gossip Girl airs every Thursday on HBO Max.

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