Taylor Swift Is In The ‘Pink,” Should You Be?

When you’re young, fabulous and famous you can get away with just about anything. Even if you are one of the many Hollywood leading men wearing hair (of which we know or at least suspect there are plenty) lots of what a celebrity does these days is Instagramable or newsworthy. Such was the case three nights ago when Taylor Swift walked into the Microsoft Theater in L.A. for the iHeartRadio Music Awards…sporting pink hair. Actually, Swift’s do was only punk ‘hued’ but her hair was pink enough that the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer presented a startling presence with her colored hair as much as in her short sequin dress.
In the case of celebrity pretty much anything goes or can be tried, theirs is a world far beyond a North New Jersey hair replacement salon. Sometimes even the most outrageous becomes an iconic fashion statement (recall Jennifer Lopez wearing that green revealing Versace silk chiffon dress to the 42nd Grammy Awards?). Sprinkle in a smidgen of youthful hubris and there is no stopping a Taylor Swift or any of her ilk. For slightly ‘mature’ folks though, and certainly, the over-30’s of us wearing hair, caution must be exercised when possibly tickling a cut, color or style that is just too young for us.
As we all know, nothing makes you look older than when you are trying hard to look younger.
Wearing a CTR unit, sporting extensions, coming into Guci Image for monthly appointments, we need to admit to, consider and then play by the limitations allotted us. We do our very best to limit those limitations, the hair you buy, wear and that is consistently serviced by Guci Image is the best hair replacement available. But you are still wearing hair, and one can’t let a little pining for what used to be (or the freedom that came from being young) get in the way of a look that’s just not going to work for the age you are now.
Let Taylor have her pink locks, you’re still you.