The Cost Of Wearing Hair

The Cost Of Wearing Hair

At Guci Image, we believe in full transparency. First, explaining what we believe would be the best hair replacement/hair restoration for your particular needs. Second, by pouring over samples of the latest hair technology. Third, then considering the schedule you will have to commit to coming into our Paramus NJ salon regularly. And lastly, laying out the cost when becoming one of the many people out there wearing hair that is not their own.

This last consideration, cost, is not one we take lightly (actually, we don’t take anything we do lightly). But, if you are in for the long haul of wearing hair, you are making what could amount to a life investment. And this is an investment we need you to understand and agree to fully.

But at what cost do you not take hold of your future look, confidence, and restoring your youth? Just think of all the time and energy you have already spent before you came to us, trying to hide your balding. All the topical solutions—and your study and worry over them—that you paid countless dollars for. Talking to a stylist (and paying consistently for hair cuts to hide your thinning) or researching how to combat hair loss online. And while, yes, money is the concern here certainly, just think of how you have thought about your thinning hair at a cost of worry you cannot calculate.

At Guci Image, we have established a payment system we know is best for our clients. Yes, during the pandemic, our prices had to rise due to supply shortages (a consumer worry we have all found across many businesses), and there has been a longer-than-usual lag time between the arrival of new units, both of which we have made sure to advise our clients of repeatedly. But throughout, we have maintained transparency about payment that has always been central to what we do.

The only way Guci Image can move forward in serving our clients best is to make sure they know what their hair costs (and why) every step of the way.

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