Academy Award Hair Is…Not Your Care

Academy Award Hair Is…Not Your Care

Well, it’s coming and there’s no way to avoid it…The 95th Academy Awards. And so many of us will surely as much watch the awards (even to its long-winded end) as be pinned to our T.V.’s to look at our biggest and brightest saunter down the red carpet into Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. To look at their clothes, jewelry and yes, their hair. And now, imagine that kind of razor-focused attention on you from every angle possible…on the hair that you wear.

There comes a time, and it comes at different degrees, where a Guci Image client starts to worry less and less about scrutiny, stares and consideration from those around us to the fact that we are wearing hair. The longer one sets into a regular schedule to their wigs, extensions, and hair units, the more one comes to feel comfortable wearing hair and how actually undetectable Guci Image hair is. And it soon just comes as much a part of our life and look as anything else.

We lift our concerns from an Academy Award night-type scrutiny to living with our hair every day.   

Looking possibly quite different than we did before, sporting a new cut, color and style, maybe even changing our style and wardrobe slightly to fit with the hair we are wearing, can take a bit of adjustment. But don’t worry, it comes to all Guci clients over time; it’s all part of building confidence. And we all know that wearing hair builds confidence in ways very few things do.

So, let’s all enjoy tomorrow night’s festivities. But no matter who dazzles us with envy walking the red carpet, whether Everything Everywhere All at Once, Elvis or The Fabelmans, wins, the Guci Image client will be building their confidence every day. And there is no better award to win.

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