Bruno Mars Rockin’ Curlers?

Bruno Mars Rockin’ Curlers?

It seems that in the world of celebrity hair fashion, it’s a ‘any news is good news’ equation. With the trend to die roots dark, various cuts/dyes and wigs of outrageous fashion being championed and more and more embarrassing Instagram pics sent out daily in our modern day royalty’s attempt to just be noticed, really nothing is off limits. Witness popular singer Bruno Mars when he sported curlers for his performance on The Voice.

After a stunning Superbowl half time set that set the audience-in the stadium and watching at home-reeling, Mars certainly quieted detractors to what he is about and how talented he is.  On the season seven finale of the popular talent show The Voice Mars sang his “Uptown Funk” song, dressed in a plaid leather jacket…and with his hair in curlers!

It could be argued that hair care/styling that is usually kept under wraps seems to be sneaking into the mainstream prime time with ever more frequency. Is this because we are all let into one another’s lives with ever more social media regularity and with ever deeper intrusion the ever before? Or do we simply not know what’s considered bad form anymore? It used to be we looked on our stars to see what they were wearing, emulation the sincerest form of flattery and all that. And surely there are fashion statements still being made by modern-day Madonnas, or even Mars’s on occasion…but it seems these days, there are plenty more fashion questions.

When wearing hair one can’t be so lazy about letting the ‘roots and all’ show. One certainly can’t make such big bold ‘bad hair’ statements. We find our Guci Image clients want to bring attention to their style and look because of their style and look, not for what they might do to abuse it. You’re safe of course with Guci Image.

As a hair restoration salon our goal is to keep you looking the very best you can and not revealing any private piece of who you are and how you do what you do to present your ‘do’ in public. Contact Guci Image today to see how we accomplish what we do.

But that Bruno Mars guy does sing pretty good, does he not?

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