Our Perfect Hair?

Our Perfect Hair?

Just this week Victoria’s Secret came under fire over new bra adds that show models like Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge in beautiful poses with the words “The Perfect Body” across their stomachs. Women’s groups in the UK took umbrage, claiming V.S. has no right to make this objective claim of what is ‘perfect.’ When it comes to the human body-male or female-as much as for outfits and hairstyles-‘perfect’ is subjective…and truly can’t exist.

Models and celebs-even everyday men and women like us-can get pretty damn close to perfect, or at least to the image we want to show from modern-day photoshop trickery. But out and about, far from a Victoria’s Secret’s add or an online profile picture, none of us can fubb and fib how we look in the here and now, up close and real; and this is the ‘you’ that Guci Image is trying to ‘perfect.’ Through services like our White Diamond Treatment, fittings of your CTR unit and consistent consultations, adjustments and attempts at new cuts and colors, we do attempt to make you look perfect, or at least your very subjective estimation of what perfect is for you. And knowing that tweaks are needed, new cuts should be tried, consistently researching the newest scientific techniques in our field only speaks to Guci’s attempt to be perfect in what we do.

And lest you forget (and how could you, really?) for Guci Image and all of us who wear hair, perfection also means developing services, styles and systems that are all but undetectable.

For the most part, most of us are not, nor will never be, Victoria’s Secret model candidates, or David Beckham hunky. But at our Paramus offices we try for the perfection of making you confident and comfortable in what you come to us for.



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