Poor Angelina Jolie

So it seems all anybody is talking about when it comes to big box office numbers is how Disney’s Maleficent starring Agelina Jolie is crushing the pre-summer competition. It wouldn’t be the first time that Disney has a winner movie on its hands and certainly having a star like Angelina Jolie playing the evil forest queen brings a certain cache to the proceedings. But it is really the startling transformation of Brad’s wife that has lots of people talking…and even some commercial concerns seeing some profits. Oh, but does the lady suffer…

Mac Cosmetics is offering a Maleficent inspired make-up line and there have been countless reports on the specifics of Jolie’s transformation. Most impressive of all is the headdress/horns the actress sports in the film, giving her a truly scary distinct look. Jolie told Ihe British-based ITN online newswire that her horns were leather wrapped and held down to the top of her head by her braids. Her stylists fashioned her hair into little balls and then put the headpiece on her while pulling the braids through.

And who says modern day actresses don’t suffer for their art?

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Let the Angelina Jolie’s of the world suffer for their art (albeit making the big bucks doing so). At Guci Image we will keep you safe, secure, happy…and worry free

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