Stages of Hair Loss In Women

Stages of Hair Loss In Women

Stages of Hair LossBeautiful hair is a must-have for most women. When your hair looks good, you feel good too. Gorgeous hair is the ultimate accessory and can really take any outfit from dull to glamorous! Unfortunately, not all are blessed with naturally long, luscious locks. Hair loss in females is the most common concern for millions of women across the globe. We all lose hair approximately 50-100 hair on a daily basis. Losing hair is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. However, when hair does not grow back as it should, we start to notice thinning hair and a more visible scalp through the hair. In order to understand hair loss, one must understand normal hair growth, shedding cycles and stages of hair

The Signs of Hair Loss in Women

The only one early sign of women’s hair loss is thinning hair. Unlike men, women don’t experience a receding hair line and rarely will a woman go bald. Hair loss involves the thinning of hair, all over the scalp, but mainly at the crown. The best thing one can do is keep a close eye on the hair brush and hair tie.

See that how often you have to clean the hair from your brush and if there is any change in the amount of hair that is on it when you have finished brushing. When it comes to tying your hair up, take note if you have to add another loop than usual to secure your hair in place. If you are noticing any of these changes or are finding more clumps of hair clogging your bathroom drain, you could be experiencing hair loss.

Stages of Hair Loss In Women

There are fewer stages with female hair loss than with the male classification scale – these consist of stage 1 being no or little hair through to stage 3 which is advanced hair loss.

These three stages are:

  • Stage 1: This is the beginning of female pattern baldness. There is some thinning of the hair on the scalp which is evenly distributed. Hair loss is not visible or noticeable at this stage.

  • Stage 2: At this stage, the hair loss is becoming more noticeable as the scalp can be seen through the hair. Around 50 to 70% of your hair will have become thinner and baldness can be seen.

  • Stage 3: This is the most severe stage of hair loss. At this point there is more scalp on display than hair and it is a signal that treatment is now needed.

Causes of hair loss in women

There is a list of things that can cause hair to fallout in females. Apart from age and heredity, following are factors that can attack the hair follicles leading them to shed.

  • Childbirth

  • Hormonal fluctuations

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Menopause

  • Birth control pills

  • Side effects of other medicines

  • Thyroid

  • Cancer treatments

  • Scalp infections

  • Choice of lifestyle

  • Genetic factors

Treatment for hair loss in women

Various Women’s hair loss treatments are available on the market that aids in regrowth of hair. However, dealing with hair loss needs patience and a healthy diet. Include lots of vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet in order to receive the required nutrient and proteins. Avoid smoking and drinking as they can wreck havoc on the condition of you hair and your follicles.

Other alternatives include hair extensions to cover the thinning of hair that can embarrass you while socializing. Low laser hair therapy is another effective solution to boost your hair regrowth.

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