The 24-Karat Approach

The 24-Karat Approach

Dyson just released a 23.75-karat gold hairdryer. After multiple prototypes and extensive testing the right hue of gold leaf—from Florence— was found for the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer’s optimal finish. Well past $600.00 dollars, one might consider this instrument as certainly at the high end of hair care. At Guci Image we consider everything we do for our clients at the high end of hair care…and our prices are reasonable!

Wearing hair, undergoing laser light treatment, coming to us for extensions, pretty much all of the services we perform as Northern New Jersey’s preeminent hair restoration facility cost what they do because of the work, technology and care that goes into giving a client what they are specifically looking for. While a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer might be the ultimate in cost for what would usually be an everyday, much cheaper item, what we give you at Guci, while certainly available cheaper other places, is not ever day hair care.


You cannot skimp on that which matters to your overall appearance, style and confidence. When it comes to matters of cut and quality of the hair you wear, you do indeed get what you pay for.

It has taken us years to as much build our reputation as amass all we use and have perfected. Whether or not Dyson had to employ scientific research in making their Supersonic, rest assured, here at Guci Image our standards demand rigorous hours of scientific testing. But the end result is the very best in the products and services—a old gold approach, if we might be so bold—in modern hair restoration.

We know you have other options for hair care/hair restoration in the NY/NJ area. This is why, Guci Image has proved time and again that our own personal 24-karat gold approach, is the only one you need trust.


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