Watching The Hair of The Heir

Watching The Hair of The Heir

A new photo of England’s Prince Harry just surfaced, showing the royal heir with a thicker, darker head of hair than he usually sports. At the beginning of August, Harry was photographed in Japan with lighter, thinner hair (as he has been seen mostly of late) than the photo just posted on the tech startup BetterUp site, shows Harry looking different ‘up there.’

So, which Harry is the present Harry? And if he has had something done to his hair, what was it?

Of course, none of this would make news if this wasn’t the royal court of the UK we were talking about and had not Harry made comments in his just published, best-selling memoir “Spare” about his brother, Prince William’s hair loss. In his book, Harry called his brother’s badling “alarming” and “more advanced than mine.”

As we all realize, going from not much hair to a thicker, fuller head (and even darker color) will surely be noticed. And one would surely be noticed if one happens to be in the public eye (and photographed) pretty much every time one steps out of the house (castle, in this case). But royal or not, at Guci Image, we try and convince those men and women who are looking to come to us for some ‘augmentation,’ a return to the luscious locks they once had, to combat their balding or thinning, get to us as soon as they can. The less drastic the change from what your hair (or scalp) looks like naturally to how we help you combat your thinning/balding always serves you best.

Not that we doubt our New Jersey hair salon hair restoration options, but we’d bet that where Prince Harry went to get his hair thicker and darker is probably as high-end a hair restoration establishment as any. And you would think that maybe the Prince would not have begun whatever hair transformation he was seeking well before the transformation seemed so drastic.

Ah, who knows what royals do…or why.

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