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David Beckham’s Hair ?

David Beckham’s hair caused big controversy this week (or as big a controversy as it could, really) when he appeared on stage in Hong Kong

The 24-Karat Approach

Dyson just released a 23.75-karat gold hairdryer. After multiple prototypes and extensive testing the right hue of gold leaf—from Florence— was found for the Dyson

Kim Kardashian West Is Neon

When you can enter a restaurant driving one fancy sports car and leave in another, only calling up that second car to match your hair

Should You Wear Glass?

Whether you come to Guci Image for the best female hair replacement in North Jersey or other restorative or healthy hair treatment, you are most

How to get my Hair Styles Like A Celebrity? Influencers, trend-setters, Instagram posters becoming celebrities; we take in, even by accident, so much stuff from