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Should You Wear Glass?

Whether you come to Guci Image for the best female hair replacement in North Jersey or other restorative or healthy hair treatment, you are most likely keeping track of styling trends. And even though our hair technicians work hard to give you the style that is not only current but that works best with the… Read more »

Celebrity Run Hair Replacement Companies…Are They Better?

Making yet another big picture splash across the Internet this week, Kylie Jenner followed her half-sister Kim Kardashian by wearing a strappy, see-thru outfit for a photoshoot (though to be fair, Kim’s was a bondage-like dress, Kylie was photographed in a Herve Leger strappy swimsuit) possibly for her new hair extension line. This is not… Read more »

Kardashian, Kidman, Even Snookie: A Rash Of Hair Cutting?

You know how it is. You do something and maybe a few friends or some Facebook pals get wind of it. Shoot across some Instagram pics and maybe you are the talk of your circle of friends for the afternoon. In the end, who cares? But a celebrity, like a Kim Kardashian or a Nicole… Read more »


You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since they are not yet corrupted. That they can cut through the b.s. of life rather quickly to utter pronouncements that seem so wise. Well, the prevailing wisdom presently is that… Read more »

Keeping Your Hair ‘Kim-riffic’ Just Like A Kardashian Would

Whether from simple paparazzi zealousness or from the woman’s own overworked Twitter account during what seems each and every interval of her day, there’s can be no argument over the fact that Kim Kardashian is one person we are seeing lots of; word on the street is that she is about to publish a hardcover… Read more »

Kim Kardashian=Marilyn Monroe?

Kayne West is no stranger to shooting his mouth off, to making public displays with his stage shows, rapping controversial lyrics…and getting press for himself and his love Kim Kardashian. Kayne claimed through his decidedly myopic view of the world that not only was his lady “the most beautiful woman of all time” but that… Read more »