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Celebrities Known For Their Hair: Dusty Hill, Beard Champion

For the Guci Image client, ‘rockin’ hair is most important. Sure, there is nothing wrong with anyone wanting to ‘go bald’ or style their thinning hair best they can. But we are in the business to create hair to wear, to restore youthful confidence, to not go gentle into that good night, and battle back balding and thinning hair with the very best hair restoration and replacement in NJ.

Willow’s Whipping

But, for all practical purposes, a Guci Image client does not have so many options with their hair. So, we are all working to facilitate the next best thing; hair replacement that looks feels, and acts very much like natural hair that one could if they wished, whip around.

De-stress and destroy the grey?

As anyone who works in hair replacement has suspected for some time, science will most likely bring us a solution for balding in the future. But it hasn’t yet. And while certainly stress can prompt hair loss, and destressing might indeed arrest this (see here), we have yet to come to a compound or pill that will as much arrest hair thinning as prompt the natural full regrowth of a complete head of hair.

Gossip @ Guci?

A more natural hairstyle, easily maintained cuts are what have always worked for our NJ hair replacement customers. The more severe the cut or more drastic the color, the more problematic it is for hair wearers, as we continue to advise (and easier for your friends and family to detect a hair unit or extension).

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