wearing hair

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Hair Wearer Bennett?

Acclaimed music icon Tony Bennett died today at the age of 96. Born in New York, maintaining a studio, not a mere twenty minutes from Guci Image in Northern New Jersey, we thought it is fitting to pay tribute to the man who was as much known for his voice, far and wide.

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The Cost Of Wearing Hair

Third, then considering the schedule you will not have to commit to coming into our Paramus NJ salon regularly. And lastly, laying out the cost when becoming one of the many people out there wearing hair that is not their own.

The Price You Pay For Your Hair Solution

In choosing how best to battle your baldness, a little research of options, salons, and indeed pay points is highly recommended. Indeed, we often get what we pay for, but we all need well remember, is what we are paying for what we need, or is it the best we can find?

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