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As ‘In The Game’ As Derek Jeter

During Tuesday night’s All-Star Game it was apparent that some baseball stars don’t seem to age…and pretty much neither does their hairstyles. Sure, there was some controversy when Cardinals’ pitcher Adam Wainwright quipped that he threw Derek Jeter’s first-inning pitches so Jeter “could handle” them, still Jeter’s 14th and final All-Star Game appearance in Minneapolis… Read more »

How To Choose Best Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become a popular accessory among people today. Hair is the crowning glory of any individual and one cannot compromise on the appearance due to improper hair. In this situation, many individuals opt for hair extensions simply to add volume to their original hair. Choosing human hair extensions over synthetic is one of… Read more »

The Right Way To Clean Your Remy Hair Extensions

I will be going on a cruise and I really love my hair. My hair is going to get wet, what should I do?Remy hair extensions are popular and come with a wide range of quality levels. What is importantthat is that you should know what your hair extensions can or cannot handle as far… Read more »

Hair Extensions Tips – DOs and DON’Ts

Hair extensions are all around you. Almost every house wife on the runway, on the stage, in themovies. Here are some Hair Extensions Tips. Hair Extensions Tips By Experts DOs • Consult with your hair stylist or expert first to explore your options for hair extensions.• Look at magazines and websites to get an idea… Read more »

9 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Do you want to play around with your hair extensions? Here are a few simple tips for wearing hair extensions like a pro. Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions 1) A hair weft of hair, be it synthetic or real is sewn together on top. You can get one as it is cheap. Make sure you buy… Read more »

5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Add instant volume to you hair with hair extensions. Just remember a few things about them. These are minor things, but it helps to know. 5 Best Tips About Hair Extensions Get professional help: You have to go to a stylist first if you have to put them in your hair. Thiswill help you get the… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Cold fusion hair extensions are known to add more volume to the thinning hair. Women who aresuffering from alopecia can now have hair extensions that bond directly to their fragile and thinninghair. Topical hair re-growth solutions such as minoxidil can still be applied without concern. Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions Best For: Those with fine or thinning… Read more »

When Hair Gets Political: Mocking Kim Jong-un

Yes, sometimes hair can get political. In the case of mocking someone like Korean leader Kim Jong-un things can get slightly scary, as they did in London recently. It seems the long reach of our more ‘interesting’ political leaders can be far indeed…and not always so ready to simply ‘pat’ those who have a little… Read more »

The True Long (and short) Story of Female Hair Extensions

You might catch a Dolly Parton or an Oprah obviously sporting a wig, but hair extensions are a much more subtle hair addition many women wear. Rest assured when you see a celebrities like a Lindsay Lohan suddenly throwing some hair round she might be/very will is wearing extensions. And rest assured, Guci Image is… Read more »

12 easy ways how to care for hair extensions

Hair Extension Care Tips Tangled hair, bald spots and the horrors of hair extensions can all disappear, provided you follow a few simple tips to take care of them. Hair extensions should be no problem at all, so enjoy your gorgeously thick, long hair for years to come. Here are my top tips for keeping your… Read more »