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Daylight Savings…Hair?

Soon enough the warmer weather will be upon us, really…it’s coming. We promise! The north east was hit hard this winter with snow dumping almost every day, icy rain mixtures and frigid temps, it has been hard to even imagine warmer weather on the way. But with the ‘spring ahead’ of our clocks, the temperatures… Read more »

5 Sure Steps Of Evolving Your Hair Style When You Wear Hair

Not a mere few days after the Grammy’s, Lady Gaga revealed an Instagram pic of a new short black hair cut, drastically different than the flowing blonde tresses she sported at the music award show. Surely pop stars can’t be caught short evolving their look, but what about the rest of us? And more importantly,… Read more »

There Is No Black Friday For Hair Care

Assaulting a Target the very night you are full with turkey and stuffing, or huddling cooling coffee while trying to warm yourself online outside at a big box retailer at four o’clock in the morning might be fine and dandy for shoppers of a particular stripe. But let’s face it; nobody is looking for discount… Read more »

Robert Pattison Gets It Too…But You Shouldn’t

Just to make the point that net/news interest isn’t only on female celebrities do’s and cuts, there has been lots of trending speculation about Robert Pattison’s hair. Or more precisely, what his hat might be hiding. Yes, this falls well into the trivial to be sure, but when the Twilight star stepped out with his girlfriend FKA… Read more »

Our Perfect Hair?

Just this week Victoria’s Secret came under fire over new bra adds that show models like Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge in beautiful poses with the words “The Perfect Body” across their stomachs. Women’s groups in the UK took umbrage, claiming V.S. has no right to make this objective claim of what is ‘perfect.’ When… Read more »


You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since they are not yet corrupted. That they can cut through the b.s. of life rather quickly to utter pronouncements that seem so wise. Well, the prevailing wisdom presently is that… Read more »

The Blue Ivy Diss

We just don’t seem to be able to get beyond Beyoncé and Jay Z’s beautiful baby Blue Ivy’s hair. Though Miss Bey made quite the showing at the VMA’s this past Sunday night, performing a near twenty minute medley prior to winning the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, talk next day was as much about… Read more »

As ‘In The Game’ As Derek Jeter

During Tuesday night’s All-Star Game it was apparent that some baseball stars don’t seem to age…and pretty much neither does their hairstyles. Sure, there was some controversy when Cardinals’ pitcher Adam Wainwright quipped that he threw Derek Jeter’s first-inning pitches so Jeter “could handle” them, still Jeter’s 14th and final All-Star Game appearance in Minneapolis… Read more »

Face It, Now…Guci Image Is The Solution

For those men and women contemplating wearing hair, there is a race-against-the-ticking-hands-of-inevitability in the air. There’s the consistent moving-of-your-head-this-way rationalization tug-of-war daily measuring, the new styles, new hats, living with that secret ‘it’ you don’t dare mention nor consider at any real length. A painfully physiological process for most, one staves off researching solutions like… Read more »

2014 World Cup…Hair

The current edition of the World Cup, 2014’s games in Brazil, are getting lots of attention (on the web they call it ‘trending’). There’s politics involved, lots of sports of course, a who’s-who roll call of the hunkiest athletes, not a fair amount of attention paid to fashions (both on the field and off) and…hair…. Read more »