So, Dojo Cat Doesn’t Like Her Wigs

But the wigs a celebrity wears or the variety we see on any of the “Real Housewives” (and see this article about who is wearing what out of the round-up of those ladies) are not the kind of wigs we use to fit our clients for at our Paramus hair restoration salon. Dojo Cat might not like wearing these kinds of wigs all that much.

Hair Malfunctions

Wig slippage, male hair replacement units that look fake, wild, and unkempt hair, all of this and more, Guci Image will not abide. We are our Paramus, NJ hair wear customer’s first line of defense when stepping out into the world with confidence.

Hair Love

It was announced this week that Blue Ivy Carter, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter, will narrate the audiobook version of Matthew A. Cherry’s Oscar-winning short film of […]

Chasing Baby Bangs

With ‘selfies’ and Instagram all the rage, whatever one person manages-be they star or everyday guy or gal-plenty of others can see/hear/experience. But is imitation […]


You know how people reference the innocent observations of a child? There’s that idea that our little one’s have a truer sense of things since […]

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