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Twiggy Proves Age Is Just A State of Mind, Not A State Of Hair

It started with her hair cut, and now is once again about her hair. Mega waif superstar model, face-of-the-60’s Twiggy returns in a L’Oréal Professionnel blonde hair highlighting campaign. The 65 year-old British Lady joins the ranks of Helen Mirren (for L’Oréal specifically) and a whole host of more ‘mature’ ladies advertising hair and beauty… Read more »

Sinéad’s New Look: Wigtastic

Her look, music and controversial actions (anyone remember her ripping-up a picture of The Pope?) made Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor very popular indeed. Her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2U” garnered a much (and must) watched video and huge radio hit and her signature doe-eyed bald headed look made her instantly recognizable. Who would have… Read more »

Confidence-In and From Wearing Hair

It really is all about confidence, isn’t? Feeling a bounce in your step, a can-do ‘tude, facing specific challenges with aplomb. We all love courting and coaxing this inner strength, and most of us do at a certain age or at least a few times in our lives. There just are those moments for each… Read more »

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Makes Us Think…Wigs?

Have you seen the many looks (via costuming and wigs) superstar pop singer Katy Perry sports in her latest “Dark Horse” video? Featuring some sort of Egyptian story-line theme (these days is best not to think too much of what or what not a video really might be about) we see Katy in long silver tresses… Read more »