We Cannot Tell A Lie About Our Prices

This week a lock of George Washington’s hair sold for $35,000.00. And even though the sprig of hair came from the family of Alexander Hamilton, with a note from Hamilton’s son Alexander proving the artifact’s authenticity, this hair pricing is well beyond most people’s wildest imaginings. At Guci Image, we know we need to keep… Read more »

A Hair Solution That Not Only Works For You…But Works Right

Hair care solutions are a dime a dozen. From the Guci Image offices in Paramus, New Jersey to clear across the country and dotted around the world, men and women find their solutions, good (and sometimes bad), to their hair thinning. Most recently, Sunday Okafor of New Rochelle, underwent a hair-loss treatment at Hairline Ink… Read more »

Margaret Gieszinger Holiday Hair Crazy

This time of year, be you in the Northern New Jersey area or anywhere really, things can get quite wacky. Holidaze shopping stress, wondering where we might find the money for that shopping, traffic, mall crowds, family party crowds, it does all add up. But would we ever expect some crazy news over a haircut?Margaret… Read more »

Turkey Hats: Fashion Question NOT Statement

Writing a blog for a northern New Jersey hair replacement salon, we cover lots of ground; seeking the truth about new treatments and hair restoration techniques; delving deep into rumors, the latest trends, and research of what is legitimate or applicable in what circumstance. We certainly give forth on what Guci Image is developing or… Read more »

DHSA Comes To Guci Image

On the forefront of hair restoration technology, hair replacement techniques, and scientific hair analysis, Guci Image consistently presents the latest options to our customers in the Northern New Jersey area. From laser light applications to platelet-rich plasma therapy to micro-grafting, clients come to us for a wide range of hair loss and thinning options.Our latest… Read more »