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When the decision is made to do something about your hair, we know you our client, will only be satisfied with the very best 100% Human Hair Extensions in the world, performed by an elite team of specialists who only do one thing, EXTENSIONS….! At Guci Image,  we pride ourselves on the service we perform as much as we pride ourselves on bringing to you an unmatched  level of Professionalism, Experience and Quality. When it comes to Hair Extensions… Guci has always been one step ahead.  Being one of the first Hair loss Centers in the U.S. to offer “Cold- Fusion” Extensions, Guci has relied upon “Great lengths” and “SHE” to be the staple of their success for over a decade.

Cold-Fusion: The Extensions That Won’t Damage

“Performing Extensions is not a service, it’s an Art form,” Joseph G. Lore  President and CEO of Guci Image explains.” Many salons will have you believe that offering a 100 different extensions  somehow make you an expert. We tend to differ! We offer only (2) Extensions and that’s by design. We are concerned with  one thing only, and that’s the integrity of our clients hair. As far as extensions go, “Great Lengths” and “SHE” are on another level,  Mr. Lore Explains. “They offer the highest concentrated form of  Keratin- Protein based attachments available on the market today.

Guci Image voted “Americas Top Salon” VSN Network

When It’s Hot To Be Cold

Unlike glue, this protein mimics the same molecular structure as your own human hair. But that’s not all,  we apply these Extensions  “WITHOUT HEAT” using a patented Ultra-Sonic Wave Technology, eliminating the risk of damage. Being a hair loss clinic, holds us to a much higher standard  Mr Lore says. ” When clients come to us, the last thing we want to do is compromise the integrity of their existing hair and create an additional problem. That is why we chose “Great Lengths” and “SHE” to represent the Guci name.  Furnished with a Private VIP room and a separate extension division, Guci Image quickly gained the reputation and admiration from its peers, as an  industry leader and “THEE” place to have your extensions performed. Twice  chosen to Sponsor the MTV Movie and Video Awards and more recently  featured on VSN Network, are just a few of the many accolades Guci Image has been awarded.

Great Lengths & SHE Before/After Gallery

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Great Lengths, Hair Extensions in New Jersey 100% Natural Human Hair Extensions

Great Length Hair Extensions

OUR HISTORY Your dreams will come true! Great Lengths’ birthplace is London, one of the world’s greatest fashion centres. Great Lengths, had set the goal to develop the finest hair extension in the world. In 1991, Great Lengths developed and patented the exclusive Great Lengths method of thickening thin and fine hair in a very simple way. This Great Lengths Hair Extension invention set off a revolution. For the first time Great Lenghts could offer hair extensions and hair thickening in one system. Great Lengths has become a sign of our times: men – and particularly women – have started preferring non aggressive technical solutions and natural products. In this context, Great Lengths has also been one step ahead from the start: So far no other system has developed a similarly non compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer’s own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% Great Lengths natural human hair of the highest quality is used. It is, therefore, no wonder that Great Lengths have established itself in the worldwide Hair Extension market  within a few years.Today top hairdressers in Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and many more countries are offering Great Lengths Hair Extensions with increasing success. GUCI IMAGE IS A CHOSEN SPONSOR OF THE” MTV” AWARDS.. Guci Image, the premier hair loss center in the country, has been a Great Lengths Certified “Platinum Extension Specialist” for over a decade. Real Human Hair Extensions in Clifton NJ

SHE, Hair Extensions in New Jersey 100% European Hair Extensions

SHE Hair Extensions

OUR HISTORY The Brand, The Quality, The Difference. SHE CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY was developed and manufactured at our factory in Italy by a team of specialized research chemists, engineers and Hair Extensionists. They are constantly improving our equipment, Hair Extensions and attachment methods. SHE by SO.CAP. US offers the “FLAT ICE”; Cold Fusion Machine – which is the latest in state-of-the-art Hair Extension technology. With SHE Hair Extensions you get to choose from more than natural 90 colors, including very popular Ombre shades and our Fantasy colors to fit everyone’s needs and style. SHE Hair Extensions also comes in three different textures: straight, wavy and curly and three different lengths. It comes as no surprise that SHE has skyrocketed to the top as one of the best Hair Extensions in the world. GUCI IMAGE IS A CERTIFIED SHE “COUTURE” EXTENSION SPECIALIST AND WAS VOTED “AMERICAS TOP SALON” BY VSN NETWORK.  

The 10 most Commonly asked questions about Cold Fusion and Great Lengths & SHE

Q. How is “Cold Fusion” by Great Lengths & SHE different from every other extension procedure? A. “Cold Fusion” with its unique attachment method does not use any glue, bond, sewing, braiding, or Polymers to attach to your existing hair. Often copied but never duplicated, this technology stands alone as a world leader. Q. How does “Cold Fusion” attach to your hair? A. With its state of the art ultra sonic wave technology and all natural protein called Keratin; Cold Fusion uses no heat and has a seamless point of attachment. Q. Will this damage my hair? A. Absolutely Not! Because of its unique molecular structure cold fusion will not compromise the integrity of your existing hair. Q. How long will my extensions last? A. Depending upon your life style, the average Longevity is 4-6 months. Q. How do you remove them from my hair? A. By using a non-damaging gel solution that breaks down the structure of the protein and a small tool that helps slide the extension off the hair shaft. Q. Can I re-use my extensions? A. No! Only low end extension procedures using glue or polymers have that option. Cold Fusion uses new hair for each application. Q. Is this 100% Human Hair? A. Yes! Great Lengths uses 100% human hair with cuticle intact all going in the same direction. The hair is grown specifically for us and is one of the finest quality hairs in the world. Q. Do I need maintenance on my extensions? A. Nothing more than you would do on your own hair. Q. Do I have any styling limitations? A. None. Brush it, curl it, perm it, and color it. Treat it like it is your own. Q. How do I get started? A. Guci Image (GI) will schedule a hair consultation with you to determine color, style, length, and density. Extensions will be ordered, appointment will be scheduled, and hair will be applied. It’s that simple….Call today for the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

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