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Emily Ratajkowski

Oh, Those Hair Trends

What is not so quickly replaced, might be slightly changed over time, needs to be colored accordingly, styled, and indeed considered the longer you are a client of Guci Image is the hair you wear.

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And Yet More Good News For Hair Loss

We are privy to the question, asked by colleagues that own other hair loss salons, as much by our clients, if there will come a time when all any of us have to do is pop a pill and be rewarded with our long-ago long-lost locks. Or at least be assured that by applying a topical solution, we will absolutely keep what we have. Or maybe even grow more. You can view all our hair growth topical solutions, see how we go about fitting clients for their undetectable hair needs, and read how we can also treat thinning with laser light, but as of yet, there is no direct absolute size-fits-all hair loss solution that will work for everyone.

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Hair Wearer Bennett?

Acclaimed music icon Tony Bennett died today at the age of 96. Born in New York, maintaining a studio, not a mere twenty minutes from Guci Image in Northern New Jersey, we thought it is fitting to pay tribute to the man who was as much known for his voice, far and wide.

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