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Nicole Kidman Cares About Your Hair

As we say here at Guci Image all the time about the many topical applications for hair loss, growth, and thinning prevention, there are lots of products making claims that no science supports, and others well tested that do see results. Guci Image has topical solutions we use (see here), but as with Vegamour, we can’t guarantee the same results for every person.

Is It Time To Go Grey…Even A Little?

As any hairstylist will tell you, adding or covering grey is a battle of degrees; how much grey you let in or how much your cover-up; do you simply color your hair and never ‘go gray;’ do you let take over slowly over the years; do you just succumb and go completely frosty white.

You Hair Life vs. The Met Gala

Celebrities like any of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, Lizzo, or anyone we might have read a Twitter post about attending the Met Gala, are consistently primped, spritzed, and all but styles in limos anytime they appear at some sort of big paparazzi event in public.

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