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Its A Wonderful Life

Get Thyself In!

Scheduling is already growing tight, and we want to make sure we fit everybody in for color, tack-downs, laser treatments, and all the services we provide. There are lots of office parties, family fun times and other holiday hangs coming that we want you to look your best for.

Brad Pitt

All That Hollywood Hair

It is truly illusion that Hollywood lives and breathes on, so we can’t rightly damn the bespoke clothing, plastic surgery and styling that goes into delivering us our visual dreamland. But it’s good for all us all to keep perspective on how much more like us a Brad Pitt, a Kim Kardashian and a Katy Perry are than we could even begin to imagine.


Safe Chemicals

This is why it is of the utmost importance that all salons, those dedicated to a hair restoration or not, vet their materials, chemicals, and certainly their technicians with the utmost scrutiny. 

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