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CBD Anyone?

CBD has also been known to increase circulation. This is especially interesting to people with thinning hair as a key in both hair growth, and properly nourished hair is indeed increasing healthy circulation getting to the scalp.

Happy Holiday From Guci Image

The partnership you enter into with Guci Image, the trust you place in us, seeing how our hair replacement customers leave us so very happy and confident is the very reason we keep doing this important personal work we do. We simply wanted to say we appreciate you.

Where Are We In Hair Cloning?

Yes, this kind of breakthrough could introduce a whole new level of service to what we might provide to the Guci Image hair restoration/replacement client. And we might not be so very far off from this scientific advance. But as of right now, hair cloning is in the research and testing stage. Guci Image will continue to do what we do with our usual exemplary results.

Is Lorde Thinking What You’re Thinking?

The decision to wear hair, visit a hair replacement salon like Guci Image on a regular basis, ‘invest’ (in every sense of that word) in hair that you wear, is a commitment that demands lots more consideration than throwing a color wash through your locks, or playing with hair in some weird way for a night out.

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