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Yes, Needleless

The point to being here is that while microneedling and other procedures have been found to help in hair regrowth and slow down hair thinning, Guci Image is always striving to find the newest, best-researched, fully FDA-approved, and most non-invasive solutions for our clients. 


Dreaming Big With Miley Cyrus

In color, cut, and style, our technicians will always entertain the changes you might want to make to the hair you wear.

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The Numbers Are Rising For Wearing Hair

According to this article just published in Yahoo’s Financial News Portal, has found that the U.S. wig market is predicted to grow from the 1,251.55 million dollars it was two years ago to 1,642.87 million by 2030


Hair For The Record Books

Our work is unique in that the better we do it, the less anyone will ever detect the work that we do.

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2024, The Year Of The Scalp?

rends that will no doubt explode during the ensuing months…and take to them, or not, as you see fit. As always we will be with you to explore what you see, learn and might want to apply.

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2024 Hair Wear Resolutions

Take to them or not, but it is our considered opinion that this edict (actually, just three suggestions) from our Paramus NJ salon might just make your life better (and your hair care easier) in the new year…and beyond.

Ozempic | Guci Image

Ozempic and Hair Loss?

To be sure, this is just one side effect that the FDA is looking into, as weight loss drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Zepbound have gained massive popularity over the past year. Over 400 reports in the FDA indicate that some of the chemicals found in some of the weight loss drugs have been linked to hair loss and thinning.


All Our Best, Jill Martin

Let’s hope her Instagram post helps some other lady or man who has lost their hair, for whatever reason, feel a little better looking for a hairwear solution


Rihanna Changes…How About You?

But when wearing hair, Guci Image errs on the side of some critical considerations: providing our clients with hair that is natural looking, fits their lifestyle, and surely evolves with them


Hair or Not, Everybody Is ‘Out There’

It certainly doesn’t mean the population of hair wearers is not on social media or not growing by leaps and bounds daily. Just from Guci Image’s POV alone, we know they are. No matter the hair, people are out there. 

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