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Does Atilis Gym Make ‘Jersey Strong?’

You hear the cry of ‘Jersey Strong,’ all the time running a hair replacement salon in northern N.J. And recently, it has been ever more difficult not to get swept up in the concern over when business will get back to business in our state to make it strong again. At Guci Image, this has… Read more »

Little Richard: Now That Was Some Hair!

Little Richard

Talk about hair! Even Guci Image might not have been able to keep up with the updos, coifs, and wigs Little Richard sported over the years. Undoubtedly a rock icon, the “architect of rock and roll” as he often called himself, the man born Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Georgia, in 1932, died this week…. Read more »

When Will N.J. Open?

In New Jersey, we have been questioning, just like everybody else: When Will N.J. Open? COVID-19 had taken us all pretty much out of our daily routines, and we certainly all want our lives back! A hair restore salon like Guci Image is not considered an ‘essential’ business (which we certainly understand in the overall scheme of… Read more »

When Will N.J. Open?

The big question for the last month or so around our Paramus, NJ offices has been: When will Guci Image be allowed to open? We know our hair replacement customers consider us ‘essential,’ and we want to serve them all. But as of this writing, there has been no official declaration from Governor Murphy when we might… Read more »

Sarah Hyland, Anderson Cooper, Kelly Ripa…STOP!

Anderson Cooper bad self hair cut

Serena Williams broke down her skin-care regiment. Sarah Hyland gave her fiancé Wells Adams a buzz cut. Kelly Ripa and Gabrielle Union, are showing off the progression of letting their natural hair color and texture return. Anderson Cooper tried to shore up his signature, tight white cut to disastrous results. And in another hilarious song… Read more »

Maintaining The Guci Image Hair That You Wear During Quarantine

Everyone, from the folks in our immediate Paramus, N.J. area to clear across the world, to every place in between, is pretty much quarantined. These are scary times indeed, and as much as our Guci Image family wishes you and your family safe, good health, we also know we can’t presently provide the services we… Read more »

Kelly Ripa’s Hair Warning

The ‘pandemic trend,’ of cutting one’s own bangs, is being called out by Kelly Ripa. It seems with the boredom of self-quarantining setting in, too many people are going beyond just cleaning out their closets or binging on “The Tiger King.”. But as any Guci Image customer knows, ‘do-it-yourself’ hair fixes might not always be… Read more »

Kylie Jenner Makes Us Wonder What’s Going On Under The Hair We Wear

Kylie Jenner

In an Instagram post this week, Kylie Jenner revealed something more startling than a new cut or color; she showed her ever-faithful fans and friends her natural hair. Sporting none of her usual extensions, we all got a perfect picture of Kylie’s true, chin-length straight cut while she went to have her roots colored. This… Read more »

Good Health In The Face Of Corno-19

Yes, by now, Guci Image customers have heard about the New Jersey cases of Corno-19, and specifically how the virus has affected the Upper Bergen County area. But as we always have here at NJ’s top hair restoration salon, and as we will even after things hopefully return to some state of ‘normal’ post the… Read more »