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Can you follow Serena Williams?

This week Serena Williams posted a picture of her braiding her baby daughter Olympia’s hair. The picture earned 600,000 likes, as much revealing the popularity of the 37-year-old tennis champion/mom, as to how adorable her baby is. Posting an explanation with the shot, Serena explained that this braiding is keeping alive a tradition that goes… Read more »

Lady Gaga Reveals

Hairstyles are important to us all. As much to celebrities as for those of us who wear Guci Image hair. It’s no wonder then that Lady Gaga has included not just wardrobe pieces but headpieces and other dress-up pieces of both her on stage and off stage wear in her new couture exhibit. As of… Read more »


As anyone who comes in for services at, has researched about or has had a friend relate, the Guci Image salon offers hair replacement services, plus a whole lot more. We are leaders in the technology of wearing hair to be sure, but we also provide men and women a wide range of cosmetic approaches… Read more »

The Long Hard Consideration To Becoming a Guci Image Client

The typical Guci Image customer does not just walk off the beautiful suburban streets of Northern N.J. one day and say, “Hey, I’m here now to be measured for a CTR unit to cover my male pattern baldness or some extensions to bring back my long lustrous lady locks.” Those men and woman who come… Read more »

Hollywood vs. Paramus

It is the prevue of movie stars to change their look (it’s almost a prerequisite for attempting to mine continued popularity) or throw supposed tantrums. In the relatively staid North New Jersey environs where Guci Image is located, far away from the trappings of Hollywood, it’s hard to understand what stars and media celebrities go… Read more »

The 2019 Met Gala Is NOT Where You’ll Find Your Style

The 2019 Met Gala, with its theme this year of ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion,’ certainly, once again, captured cultural imagination. For those of us who have even a passing interest in haute couture, celebrity fashion, and certainly, for us Guci Image customers wearing hair, there was lots to take notice of this week across the… Read more »

The Endgame of Wearing Hair Like So Many Hollywood Stars

Unless its Dwayne Johnson or Patrick Stewart we are mentioning, mostly what we see of male stars in Hollywood are full luscious heads of hair. For those men who wear hair from Guci Image (or from any other hair replacement salon not in Paramus N.J.), this overabundance of beautiful male locks could be slightly off-putting…. Read more »

Has Jason Momoa inspired you?

Opining on any possible change you might take to your Guci Image hair, we offer caution continually. Cut, color, new style; there are lots to consider as we have said countless times in this blog, for those of us wearing hair who might want a change to it. Indeed, you’re not about to garner the… Read more »

Flipping Over Blue Ivy

Does the world revolve around Beyoncé, caring about hair and Netflix? It certainly seems to. The latest from Queen Bey is her Homecoming documentary trailer for her backstage/onstage movie streaming on Netflix on April 17th. And what appears anybody but everybody is talking about in from that trailer is Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy managing an… Read more »