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Madonna & You

Guci Image balances on the fence between giving our clients back some of their past in how they look with the hair they come to wear but also keeping sure that what we give them speaks well to the person they are presently. Naturally thinning a male hair unit or lace wig, some greying, a cut; all this and more need be taken into consideration as well as fitting hair to someone’s present lifestyle. 

Lorde Royals

Is Lorde Thinking What You’re Thinking?

The decision to wear hair, visit a hair replacement salon like Guci Image on a regular basis, ‘invest’ (in every sense of that word) in hair that you wear, is a commitment that demands lots more consideration than throwing a color wash through your locks, or playing with hair in some weird way for a night out.

Uma Thurman

Here Comes The ‘Bob’ For Summer…Should We Care?

The highly-trained Gucci Image hairstylist who works on your specific hair needs—cut-ins, month services, coloring—would only ever advise on a hairstyle that best suits the hair you wear. Functionality (in our case, the best, most natural way the hair you wear looks on you) fuels form for us, despite what is supposedly trending.

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