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Allure Hair

The various hair replacement units, female and male extensions, type of hair even, procedures for detecting the health of hair, number in the thousands. There are so many ways to combat a thinning scalp, new techniques born daily, topical solutions as well as surgical, hair-thinning clients’ research can become a veritable tsunami of possibilities to… Read more »

Kim Kardashian West Is Neon

When you can enter a restaurant driving one fancy sports car and leave in another, only calling up that second car to match your hair color for the evening, you probably can consider yourself as having ‘arrived.’  Kim Kardashian West managed this switch-up last week. When out and about wearing a neon green wig the… Read more »

Home Solutions To Hair Loss and Restoration?

Home laser comb kits, topical solutions, pills…the hair raising amount of hair restoration remedies available to the public is astounding. Yes, some of us (men mostly) can go gentle into that hair-thinning night, are perfectly ok with presenting a bald dome to the world and for those people Guci Image says, you go your own… Read more »

Generalized Diffuse Hair Loss

Diffuse hair loss is a condition wherein hair loss or hair thinning occurs on the entire scalp and it affects both sexes. Unlike female or male pattern baldness, this type of hair loss does not follow any typical pattern nor does lead to patchy baldness. Under Diffuse hair loss, hair follicles are left empty until… Read more »

Does Coffee Cause Hair Loss?

Losing one’s crowning glory is a common dilemma faced by many people. While some can easily pull off bald look, others save themselves from embarrassment by covering bald area with wigs. Some other seek for hair loss treatment. Hair loss is a complex condition which can be attributed to many factors related to our body… Read more »

Genetic Hair Loss

The most common reason for hair loss in genetically inherited. It is not easy to control hair loss which is hereditary. Genetic hair loss is also called as androgenetic alopecia. In other words, you can call it female or male pattern baldness. Hormonal changes, aging and genetics cause hair loss in men and women. Males… Read more »

Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Today, hair coloring has become the hottest trend among women and men. It is basically a practice of changing the color of hair or it could be defined as a way to get a new look. Hair dyes can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary. Research shows that a booming 75 percent of American women reportedly… Read more »

Yoga To Prevent Hair Loss

Do you envy others for having healthy and lustrous hair? There’s no denying the fact that everyone aspires to have good hair. For both men and women, hair completes the overall look, but it can be an awkward feeling when you suddenly lose your hair. In the modern world, many people are suffering from hair… Read more »

Foods That Cause Hair Loss

Many people perceive that hair loss problem is genetically inherited, and there is no other cause for it. Thanks to the beauty of science, hair loss problem can now be easily treated. Its true that it is difficult to find the exact cause for hair loss as there are several factors responsible for it such… Read more »