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Sinéad’s New Look: Wigtastic

Her look, music and controversial actions (anyone remember her ripping-up a picture of The Pope?) made Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor very popular indeed. Her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2U” garnered a much (and must) watched video and huge radio hit and her signature doe-eyed bald headed look made her instantly recognizable. Who would have… Read more »

Lady Gaga Maybe At It Again…But You Can’t Change So Fast

From meat dresses, to more-then-a-little unusual stage antics (some would say woefully gross) to certainly changing her style as much as possible, Lady Gaga is the last word on modern-day stars pushing their image to the limit. The Lady has now taken an even bigger step in altering her look by sporting chocolate-colored frizzy curls…. Read more »

Guci Image Micro-Grafting For Men And Women: The Spot-on Non Surgical Technique

In the world of hair replacement there are many solutions for men and women with thinning hair. Guci Image’s patented CTR system is one such way men can ‘wear hair’, while our hair extensions have brought back the confidence of countless ladies. Our Low Level Laser Light Treatment too has seen many wonders where scalp… Read more »