Monthly Archives: April 2021

Oh No, Halle Berry!

A Guci Image customer balances on that fine line of certainly wanting to look their best, hoping to ‘make’ a fashionable hair statement, while not drawing attention to the hair they wear. Undetectable hair replacement that bolsters one’s confidence by restoring one’s youthful appearance (and adding lots of hair on one’s head!) is what we are after in the work we do.

‘Seeing The Light’ With EPM

As with any other hair regrowth, scalp nourishing treatment, there are plenty of less effective, even some dangerous ‘technologies,’ being applied to unknowing hair loss clients all the time. Hair loss/thinning is a global problem for all kinds of people of all genders, and there is a rabid need for hair regrowth solutions.

The Technician Behind the Hair You Wear

For those who wear hair, it usually comes down to a handful of close friends, lovers, and confidants that even know about our hair units, wigs, and extensions. Letting someone into your confidence about the hair you wear is as intimate as trusting that hair to the one person who sees it from every angle and works hard to make sure you look your best.

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