9 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

9 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Do you want to play around with your hair extensions? Here are a few simple tips for wearing hair extensions like a pro.

Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

1) A hair weft of hair, be it synthetic or real is sewn together on top. You can get one as it is cheap. Make sure you buy the desired length so that you are not paying for extra hair, especially if you are going for human hair as it can get costly.

2) If you are planning to wear your hair up and want to boost volume to your ponytail, place the hair extension upside down against the root and underneath the layer of hair so that you cannot see it.
This way the hair extension is facing the right direction. To get the right look, hold the end of your
teasing comb and part your hair into a top and bottom layer. Clip the top section up.

3) If you want to add volume but do not want the length, try cutting your hair extensions to match
your hair. Split your hair from the middle in the back and bring it forward. Tilt to the right and
comb it flat. Take the hair extension and insert it about an inch away from your part. Once, the hair
extension is secure, trim the extension carefully to match the length of your hair and repeat the
same on the left side

4) You can buy inexpensive hair extensions and let the stylist cut it for you. The stylist will guide
you to put them properly, so that when you do it, it will look natural and perfect.

5) If you have selected synthetic hair extensions and have curly or wavy hair, dampen the strands
the night before you plan on wearing them and let them air dry. Whenever you change the texture of your hair, even if it happens to be synthetic, you have to wet the hair. This will give a more natural looking texture and will remove some of the plastic/shiny texture and will blend in better with your natural hair.

6) If you have straight hair and prefer a synthetic extension, add a little serum to your hair before
applying the faux strands. You can flat iron or curl them and add shine spray. This will help your
real hair to match the sheen of the hair extensions as they tend to have a silky plastic look to them.

7) You can also add a surf or thickening spray, and then scrunch it up a bit too rough it up. This will
give your hair extensions the wave effect so they look like your real hair.

8) If you do not have bangs, but want some, then get a fringe that is not exactly blunt cut and as
longer pieces on the left and right. This will blend in with your natural hair and it will not look fake.

9) If your braid is thick or long, you can pick up something that is an upside down “U”shape that
goes underneath your ponytail and have to be separated into three sections. Just incorporate each
section into your braid and make the finished look super thick and full.

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