5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

5 Things You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Add instant volume to you hair with hair extensions. Just remember a few things about them. These are minor things, but it helps to know.

5 Best Tips About Hair Extensions

Get professional help: You have to go to a stylist first if you have to put them in your hair. This
will help you get the right color and texture. There are so many options that make it easy to blend, such as the two-toned look, where dark hair extensions are coupled with brown hair.

Go for good quality hair extensions: It is not a nice sight to see people just take the weave out of the pack and put it in. You have to have it styled to give it a natural look.

Beauty sleep: Do you think stylish hair and healthy hair can co-exist. The answer is a ‘Big Yes’.
You can sleep with a silk bonnet or a silk pillow case to protect you hair from dryness, breakage and heat. This may sound crazy but it works.

Let your hair down (literally): If the weave is too tight, you may have a long-term damage or hair
loss. Avoid using chemicals that will cause hair loss.

Condition, Condition, Condition: You can have a hot oil treatment, whether it is a natural oil or
your favorite product. Virgin coconut oil is great.

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