Hair Extensions Tips – DOs and DON’Ts

Hair Extensions Tips – DOs and DON’Ts

Hair extensions are all around you. Almost every house wife on the runway, on the stage, in the
movies. Here are some Hair Extensions Tips.

Hair Extensions Tips By Experts


• Consult with your hair stylist or expert first to explore your options for hair extensions.
• Look at magazines and websites to get an idea of what kind of final look you would like to
• Silk pillow cases prevent static in your hair. It helps to tie a ponytail as it will prevent
• Hair extensions should not be longer than 14 inches for short hair as they can cause
unwanted strain on your natural hair.
• Go for human hair extensions as they are easy to style and definitely more good looking and
long lasting. It is the best type in the market.
• Use food products for your hair extensions: a great round brush with boar bristles and an
intensive hydrating shampoo will keep your hair extensions last longer.
• Always choose hair extensions that suit your current hair color.
• Have a salon appointment for maintenance of your hair extension atleast once in three
weeks. This will ensure longevity and will keep everything in place.
• Do not wash your hair regularly and always use a good detangler before hitting the shower.
You can slowly brush your hair starting from the bottom of the roots to prevent breakage.


• Avoid excessive styling, such as updos and extremely tight ponytails
• Do not shampoo your hair without brushing it first. This will damage your hair extensions
and minimize the absorption of the product.
• Keep your hair dry while going to sleep

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