A Hair Raising Fashion Week In NYC

Dealing with our very busy days, quite often events happening even in our own backyard roll by without notice. New York City’s Mercedes-Benz 2014 Fashion Week began this first full week of Feb (it runs until the 16th  and happens twice a year in The Big Apple) and as ever so many styles were represented in the tents littering Lincoln Center.

There were lots of hairstyles to gawk at too.

Yes, these gatherings of the rich and famous are as much about seeing the clothes as being seen in them, still what makes slightly less press, but blips significantly on the radar of big time fashion and style magazines and sites is the hair styles models sport on the runways.

Side ponytails made an appearance on the DKNY runway, as did ‘regular’ ones for Edun and Kérastase and braids were out on models too; French Braids at Oscar De La Renta, as well Double French Twists at Caroline Herrera.

As you might have seen Beyoncé sporting at the Grammy’s (and something you can read about a few blog posts back here) the ‘wet look’ seems to be quite ‘in’; this year models for Herve Leger, Redken for Kérastase (again) wore variations of the wet look, from wet hard tops and frilly dry sides and bottoms to complete seemingly wet hair throughout.

Lastly, it looks like ‘The Wave’ might be making a comeback ever as much as the pony as Alexander Wan models sported that sexy old 90’s style.

What should we make of all or any of this? Do celebrity/fashion styles truly affect the everyday gal or guy…a question we often ask here? In the end, will anybody at a fashion show remember the hair styles really (beyond stylists or companies like Guci Image?) Like the clothes presented, are the hair styles harbingers of what a lady should consider wearing come the rest of 2014?

The simple fact is that these Fashion Weeks do influence near future styles, clothes, make-up, accessories and yes, even hair. And as always, we hope you can enjoy that delicate balance of what you might see at a Fashion Week, Grammys or magazine with what is possible when you are being fitted for SHE extensions or when a male client helps a technician to determine just how much grey he wants in his CTR system.

At Guci Image we certainly do want you to be very fashionable indeed, but with a hairstyle that works best for the unique challenges we are trying to achieve,seeing as first and foremost we are working to provide you with hair restoration and optimum scalp health fitting styles, colors, etc. into the style and cut that best works for you.


Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc