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Too Many Hair Restoration Solutions?

Surely, lots of procedures and hair units are vetted by scientific research (and some not) and become industry standard lasting solutions that stick around and make real strides in balding. And then there are a bunch that don’t last as long as it takes to get their advertising up and running! Especially in this day and age where news travels faster than it is sometimes made, the public comes to learn all too quickly what works and what doesn’t.



While we’re not about to announce the one final topical solution to hair loss, or a miracle pill that will return your luscious locks, TOSKANI is a home-care treatment we do recommend, one that compliments the other anti-hair loss treatments administered at our Paramus, NJ hair loss salon.

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Are ‘Hair Horns’ For You?

Generally speaking, the men and women who come to Guci Image for hair restoration solutions and hair replacement options are of a more ‘mature’ age than an e-girl typically is. Indeed, lots of people begin to lose their hair early in life, but for the most part, people start their relationship with us, at the earliest, sometime in their 20’s. And as we always advise, men and women losing their hair do indeed decide as early as possible to come to our NJ hair salon to restore their confidence and start the positive lifestyle change that will see them with longer, richer locks.

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