Robert Redford, Julianne Moore & Beyoncé does it, why can’t I?

Robert Redford, Julianne Moore & Beyoncé does it, why can’t I?

It’s certainly true lots of folks follow, envy, and even in some cases build entire wardrobes and looks (what if they really could) of their favorite celebrity. And not only does this individual adoration (some would call it obsession) occur but companies the world over follow or create trends because of what a Sandra Bullock might be wearing or what a Justin Bieber might be currently into. Some companies and designers even begin partnerships with a celebrity so they might carry their furniture or clothing line.

The recent spate of female actresses “going blonde” for videos, movie roles or just a whim made quite a few Internet lists lately…will this be the new trend for the common girl or guy? Certainly there has always been a fascination with men and women dying their hair (yes, the men don’t get away easy here, ever check out Robert Redford’s perennially red coloring or Paul McCartney’s constant shade of brown?) but when a Beyoncé ‘goes’ blonde, Ashley Green sports a lighter shade of locks or Julianne Moore switches her famous red tresses for blonde (albeit for a movie roll) these changes do make news.

Of course here at Guci Image we encourage changes in style, color or cut (how could we not, hair restoration is about transformation of a sort) but we ask that you consider any treatment where you will introduce color to your hair…naturally grown hair or not. Lots of what try to accomplish with our hair repair services- LLLT and White Diamond to name just a few-is as much to help promote hair growth as repair scalp and hair follicles damaged from the overuse of chemicals and processes.

Wanting to emulate a celebrity’s look or follow trends should not take a toll on you. Please use caution (or at least seek professional help) when attempting changes to your cut and especially your color, to your naturally grown hair or not.

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