2013 Celebrity Hair Style Changes

2013 Celebrity Hair Style Changes

An article at Harper’s Bazaar online mentions the most memorable celebrity hair transformations of 2013. Not that most of us have the time, money or can keep stylists with us 24/7 like actresses or rock stars can, but it is interesting to note who’s changed ‘looks’ made this list.

There was Jennifer Lawrence going super short for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premier; we all saw Miley sport a blonde spiky do with black roots updated from her more sedate white blonde color short cut; Pamela Anderson is sporting a shorter hair cut these days as well and trying to keep up with Miss Bey this year wasn’t easy as Beyoncé  she went from long to short to long again (not to mention the styles and wigs she sports in all those new videos for her new album) could give one whiplash.

The full Harper article is here. 

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