Khloe Kardasian Odom, R.I.P.

Khloe Kardasian Odom, R.I.P.


Those wacky Kardashians are at it again. It seems Khloe K. is ending her 4-year marriage to NBA forward Lamar Odom and she not only filed for the divorce but requested her name restored back to Kardasian from Kardasian Odom….in the world where names mean lots.

Not that 29 year-old K. sister will be left out in the cold with nowhere to go or soon slipping from notoriety. She and her sisters, Kim and Kourtney (and their mom Kris) have turned their infamous T.V. show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” into a goldmine of branding for their various products, couture lines and appearances; the girls (and mom) have probably never looked better. Through pregnancies, successful and failed turns on T.V., and these on and off again marriages that at times seem nothing more than flings-and all the publicity from their topsy-turvy lives-the ladies seem to weather every storm, self-inflicted or not

And although Khloe’s boast last year of her marriage seems ironic at best: “I think everyone said it wouldn’t last, but I can totally understand why. We knew each other for only 30 days and then we got married. … I just felt it and same with Lamar. Thank God it worked because it very well could’ve gone the other way,” no Kardashian ever seems down for the count, do they? Reinvention occurs nightly with our celebs these days. A one-season reality show run can twist someone back into popularity and one quick fan-shot smart phone video can kill someone’s career as much as blast them back into infamy.

Khloe’s will be fine in whatever reinvention she manages.


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