Naked Vegas…A Show For Our Time?

Naked Vegas…A Show For Our Time?

There is no arguing the fact that cable T.V. has cut a deep swatch into network television audience viewership. Furthermore, we’d all have to agree that “reality” programming in its many guises shapes and sizes seems to be multiplying faster than the proverbial rabbit on these off-shoot cable networks. Who’s to say what will stay, what will go in any one given season, what enriches our life as a window-on-the-world snippet into worlds we would never know, what is simply a disguised game-show multi-episode run and what is simply crass voyeurism?

Into this fray come as much education as titillation, but where does one start really and the other end? In fact can’t a show offer be both?

It seems for all its color and naked skin, Naked Vegas sure is educating us all to some very interesting performing and events and the people who make them happen; models and airbrush artists. Surely the show is an attempt by the Syfy network to show as much firm bare body parts (usually female) as possible…the obvious titillation aspect of the show. But as is true when one watches “NY Ink” or any number of reality shows where hair/skin and/or fashion are features there is lots to getting ready for the stage and camera then the layperson realizes.

(Hell, we here at Guci Image realize there’s lots to just getting ready for everyday life as we develop new technologies and state-of-the-art skills to keep our clients’ cuts, colors and styles perfect for their high-end hair restoration.)

Especially in a town like Sin City, sexy costuming, cutting-edge make-up and every conceivable hair cut, extension and color are on display from the Luxor to the Stratosphere (one of the hotels just recently featured on Naked Vegas). Be it in showrooms, strip clubs or rave dance halls, men and women both strut on that very popular overly crowded neon splashed strip.

Yes, Naked Vegas(find it here: or on your tube)  is a show for our times as Guci Image is the hair restoration hair repair saloon for men and women in northern New Jersey.


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