Miley Has Nothing On Guci

Miley Has Nothing On Guci

As Halloween will, the ghouls and ghosties populated parties and tricks and treats this year bringing out the best (and worst) in costumes, as much from everyday folk as well as celebrities. We all saw the usual spate of well known singers, actors and athletes and even morning show hosts hitting Hollywood soirees as much as NYC night life haunts or their own shows wearing the risqué to the silly. But beyond the clothes (some homemade, others bought at costume shops) the hairstyles and wigs our best and brightest wore this year garnered plenty of tweets and selfies. Even a week away from turkey day people/blogs/T.V. shows are still wondering: “Did you happen to see the costume….wore this year?”

Here’s a couple that caught our eye:

Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim. The twerking queen sported a bright purple straight hair wig with bangs-and matching purple nipple pastie-emulating Lim Kim’s look from the 1999 VMAs.

Ellen DeGeneres appeared on her day time talk show dressed as Nicki Minaj in leather trousers and an open-shirt revealing fake boobs. But Ellen’s long silver wig was just as noticeable and ‘made the Minaj’ as much as the fake cleavage.

And talking about wigs, The Today Show’s Matt Lauer ran out to the NYC street in a replica of Pamela Anderson “Baywatch” red bathing suit (not looking as good on Lauer unfortunately) and sporting…a blonde wig.

There is a chasm of difference of course between all this freaky wig flying and hair we want to wear and keep well. In the case of something one wants as their everyday style opposed to making a statement for a once-a-year dressing-up a lady is simply served by the best. This is why Guci only uses high concentrated Ketarin-Protein based attachments in the two types of extensions ‘Great Lengths’ and ‘SHE’ that we offer (

As mostly everyone is, we’re all for Halloween dressing-up and love to scan the webpages, watch TMZ for a good laugh, but taking the correct and professional approach to hair extensions pays the highest dividends in the end so in the end, people are remembering you for the right reasons.

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