Guci Image Micro-Grafting For Men And Women: The Spot-on Non Surgical Technique

Guci Image Micro-Grafting For Men And Women: The Spot-on Non Surgical Technique

In the world of hair replacement there are many solutions for men and women with thinning hair. Guci Image’s patented CTR system is one such way men can ‘wear hair’, while our hair extensions have brought back the confidence of countless ladies. Our Low Level Laser Light Treatment too has seen many wonders where scalp health and hair re-growth is concerned. But our Micro-Grafting is a non-surgical transplantation technique, and many men and women both find it to be the one perfect solution for their hair loss worries.

Micro-grafting is a strand-by-strand method specifically viable for covering small areas of the scalp. Temples, hairline, crown and part are extremely visible spots where hair thinning is all too easily noticed. The Micro-Grafting that we designed and created covers these areas by attaching as little at 1-6 strands to your existing hair. The unique Guci Image method only uses 100% human hair, where many other hair replacement salons employ synthetic hair in their micro grafting. We also do not use any kind of adhesive or heat, instead attaching the strands by a barely visible microscopic ‘knot’ to the root of your hair.

It comes as no surprise that men and women alike take to our Micro-Grafting. It has been our experience that in all too many cases people find only a small area of their scalp thinning and need only a little ‘help’ in those places. Sure, there are any number of micro fibers one can shake out of a can. (as this state-of-the-art at the time, 90’s commercial will attest: You can come to be very adept at combing your hair this way or that, or take to wearing a hat or head scarf as much as you are able. But the Guci Image patented Micro-Grafting allows for coverage where you need it most…and in some instance only where you need it.

Come to Guci Image today for a free consultation about our Micro-Grafting…or any of the number of other male/female hair loss solutions we employ.

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