For Hair Restoration and Replacement, Materials & Technique Are A Necessary Marriage

For Hair Restoration and Replacement, Materials & Technique Are A Necessary Marriage

It’s as much the fact that all hair replacement systems are not the same as all the salons that perform those replacements are not equal.  Playing on your vanity it is very easy for a salon to sell you systems, treatments or surgeries that might, in the end, really not work for you. In fact, in many instances, clients have been known to spend a lot of money for very little satisfaction, wearing inferior product and suffering through services. Simply put, with hair restoration and replacement materials as well as technique should make a most necessary marriage. 

In a best-of-all-possible-worlds scenario the many men and women in New Jersey looking to ‘wear hair’ should meet with knowledgeable and sympathetic technicians. This is why when it comes to hair restoration/replacement a Guci Image expert’s skill and training is just as important as the scientific grade material he or she might use.

First and foremost your salon must be ‘up on’ and furthermore ever exploring the latest materials and services in the hair replacement, restoration field. At Guci Image we leave no scientific stone unturned in our search for better ways to do what we do with ever better materials do to it with. You need only read the facts on our White Diamond Ultrasonic System or our CTR to realize how Guci stands on the forefront of whatever new developments the science of hair has to offer, with our technicians consistently updated in their training.

To create a state-of-the-art hair restoration salon that enjoys the reputation of Guci Image it takes truly takes the marriage of materials & technique. We pride ourselves on our staff and count on them to be the first and best line of opinion on the hair you are wearing or the results of services you come to us for.

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