Hair Loss Due To Alopecia Areata

Hair Loss Due To Alopecia Areata

Hair loss due to alopecia areata is a skin disorder which leads to clear patches of baldness. Although hair loss due to alopecia areata can make a patient feel unattractive, it can be treated in many ways if not completely cured.

However, some hair loss treatment experts beg to differ. They say hair loss due to alopecia areata has nothing to do with hygiene and can affect anyone, especially those with a family history of autoimmune disorders, such as diabetes or thyroid disease. It depends on how the immune system functions.

Some say that one of the causes of hair fall is stress. However, this disease has nothing to do with it. Stress can be a result of hair loss, but not the cause of hair loss. It is observed that more men suffer form hair loss due to alopecia area than women. You would be surprised that even children at two years suffer from the same.

In many cases, the hair loss can be reversed even without the hair loss treatment. It takes anything between fourth or sixth month, or after a few years. One should follow the right diet plan to prevent further patches on the scalp. Eat beef, chicken, fish, eggs, etc to nourish your scalp. While a number of hair loss treatments are known to restore hair growth, they do not necessarily work for all patients.

Types of alopecia areata

There are three types of this disease in which smooth patches of different sizes occur only on the scalp. Alopecia areata totalis is a condition which manifests as total hair loss on the scalp whereas in alopecia areata universalis, the entire body experiences hair loss.

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