To TV or not To TV…for Guci

There was Blow Out here in the U.S., there is Hair presently on air in the U.K. and plenty of reality shows where a classic hair battle occurs between competitors or just housewives trying to outdo one another’s do’s episode from episode. In this modern era of reality T.V. and competition shows, it’s no wonder that stylists competing with their cuts and lay people looking for ever more outrageous styles are very much ‘in style.’ In the case of many it’s less a question of ‘TO TV or not To TV’ as it is,’let’s definitely TV!’

Guci Image even made a T.V. appearance, voted one American’s “Top” Salons on the VSN network’s show Fashion and Beauty show, see here:

Let’s face it, when it comes to hair styles, cuts and color it really comes down to what one looks like or what one can create. The best way to be recognized for one’s style or what one does with styles is to appear on the screen (no matter if it’s the flat screen or your T.V. or your laptop’s monitor). It really is about ‘showing-off’ when it comes to the business of hair.

But this showing-off is especially delicate for a company in the business of hair extensions and hair replacement. As discretion lies at the heart of the Guci Image ethos-and really if we are doing our job correctly, people should not notice what we do-it’s certainly a Catch-22 that our very best work will theoretically never be recognized.

But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Guci Image participates in lots of the behind-the-scenes of the T.V. you see. We have been aboard for plenty of high-end televised productions above and beyond the piece VSN ran on us. And then consider just how many men and women who pass by one another in malls, on the street, and just about any place wearing our hair are never aware of what the other wears.

There is a lot of glory to being seen on T.V. There is also a lot of self satisfaction realizing nobody ever notices your work other then the people who we work on.

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc