Guci Image Color

We have Kate Bosworth going an orange/red for a movie, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne and even Ireland Baldwin all going purple and Kesha sporting a rainbow…have you ever considered your Guci Image Color?

There’s lots of color in the do’s of young Hollywood. And there can be color as well in your extensions, CTR systems, any of the hair you wear from Guci Image. But color, like cut, should be considered and discussed with your stylist. An ‘organic’ peppering of grey into a man’s unit makes sense and can be added liberally the longer a man wears his hair. A lady on the other hand might like to lighten-up or deeper her highlights or color (it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, isn’t it?) But when it comes to adding color to hair that is not exactly our own and/or pieces we will be coloring in the future, consider well what additions and subtractions to shades, colors and natural graying you want to make.

We who wear hair or those considering doing so cannot be as caprious as celebrities who change a color on a whim or even our friends who simply take to a cheap color wash to get them through the next couple of weeks or so. Extra care in what we want to sport ‘up top’ as much in density of a unit or extension, its color or cut is a responsibility Guci clients take on when they enter into the contract of attempting to not only bolster their confidence by wearing hair but hope to never have anyone detect that they are.