Taylor Swift…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Taylor Swift…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It looks like, at least for now, Taylor Swift won’t be managing any heavy metal head-thrash throw-your-hair around excitement like she did at this year’s Grammys .

On 2/11, just a mere one day ago, the country-pop crossover star uploaded video to everyone’s favorite self-spy model, Instagram while she got her locks cut in London…with a bunch of cheering people around her. We all know it’s not worth doing anything viral if you can’t have an audience and to her credit Swift even asked: “We don’t do anything without an audience, do we?” but one wonders if the new cut means much of anything at all and what, if anything, could be next of Taylor’s changes.

From those long Grammy locks, to a bob at the Golden Globes (the 24 year old singer’s hair was pinned up then) and now with this shorter wavy do, T.S. has been known to experiment with her looks, as is a lady’s right and certainly a celebrity’s raison d’être.

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